Campaign Contact Information


Christopher Graham for Dallas Mayor Campaign
Graham 4 Texas House 109
P.O. Box 625,


Christopher was a former criminal defense attorney and civil litigation attorney for 10 years.  During the course of his career Graham has represented people in thousands of criminal and civil cases throughout the State of Texas.  Graham has represented thousands of indigent persons accused of some the most serious felonies and misdemeanors in court.  Sometimes he has had to represent these individuals to trial before a jury.  He has seen situations where the accusations were false, and the devastation this causes in someone’s life.  These people are often vulnerable and unable to defend themselves simply because they lack the financial resources to do so.  This is not what justice is all about.  Graham is proud to have served and helped so many people in a justice system that isn’t fair but should be.

I hope you will join our grassroots campaign that is bringing Dallas together like never before. Get involved today!